Struggling with Maths?


We found a very interesting service called math-crunchers and we interviewed one of the founders, Kamil. They provide a very interesting service for your Math exams—or even your math skills—complementary to Monorean.

Here’s the interview with Kamil:

Have you ever felt stupid and useless because of Math? 

It’s a terrible feeling and I can assure you everyone experiences it, it’s unfair and that’s unfortunately how educational system works. Even—and sometimes especially—the most intelligent students have problems with Math and stress out because of it. How do I know this? I’ve graduated from Mathematics myself and I can tell you I had some seriously dark moments on the way as well. Was it worth it? I don’t think so.

Why do you say it wasn’t woth it?

You won’t use Math in your real life. Not only Math is one of the most stressful subjects, it’s also one of the least practical. Let’s be honest here, unless you’re going to be a high level engineer or the math guy for a financial institutions, you’re not going to use any Calculus or Geometry in your professional career. I’ve heard people telling me: if you understand Math, you will understand the world. Yes, this subject is very logical and has its own appeal to some people but it didn’t help me understand the world at all. It was simply an exercise for my brain and a test of my limits of how many energy drinks I can drink before my finals.

What can you tell me about Math teachers?

Having been a professional tutor I’ve spoken to hundreds of students and their stories about their professors sometimes were just dreadful. The most common thing I hear is that the teacher demands but never ofers any guidance. There are teachers who enjoy proving that their students are worthless and fail all of them on their tests on purpose. Don’t get me wrong, there are some wonderful teachers out there but the nature of this subject is that it’s impossible to teach at the same pace to everyone. That’s why there’s such enormous market for Math tutoring.

I get it, Math sucks. What can a student do about it? 

Okay, so you’ve decided to go to university, you’re a good dedicated student but Math is just causing you more and more problems and frustration. Learning Math is just stressful itself. You’re getting confused, you don’t know if you’re getting it right, it makes you feel stupid and you just know when you’ll leave the exam room you’re not going to do it with a smile in your face.

One option—and one of the services we offer—is to get a tutor. Learning Math with one-on-one guidance is way easier and less stressful. On the other hand private tutoring is expensive and sometimes the amount of material you need to grasp demands taking tens or hundreds of hours. Also, you have no guarantee the problems you will learn to solve will appear on your exam…

How about just cheating?

Another way many student take is cheating. It’s very eficient with “informational” subjects like Economics or Geography especially now with the available technology such as Monorean. There is a problem with cheating on Math as you cannot prepare the answers beforehand. Have you ever wished if you could just have someone good at Math come and take the test for you or tell you how to solve it during the test?

Yeah that sounds like a convenient way to pass a Math exam.

The solution we offer is even better, we’re your Math tutor in your smartphone during your test.

The way it works is pretty simple:

  • You contact us and hire a tutor.
  • Enter the exam room.
  • Snap the photo of the test sheet during the examination.
  • Send it via your smartphone to the tutor who is waiting for your test.
  • He will be sending you solutions every 5-10 minutes via Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage, Gmail or even Facebook Messenger (depending on which one you prefer).
  • Write down the answers, get an excellent grade and enjoy your freedom!

This method is extremely successful if you work with a professional and experienced tutor as the ones we have at

For real?

Yes! You would be surprised how common it is in some universities. During one test in one of the technical universities in Central Europe, over 40 students out of 100 at the lecture hall were using this type of service. Depending on the seasson, we even get hundreds of inquiries a week for such help.

Taking a picture and reading from your phone seems like risky doesn’t it?

Obviously there are some test where cheating is tough and you’d probably be better off using special equipment such as Monorean but there are tests where the professor just reads a newspaper or even walks out of the room and cheating is easy as a pie.

I see… If I were using such a tutor how do I know he’s sending me the right solutions?

The four of us—we are four in the bussines for the moment—have over 20 years of collective experience in Mathematics and we solve Advanced Math problems for different clients every day! There are some cases we cannot do much about, i.e sometimes we give 100% correct solutions but the professor does not like the method and the student gets a lower grade. It’s not very common though and in most cases our cooperation with clients proceeds without any problems and they get the grade they want and peace of mind they need.

Interesting… Ok so say one of our customers is reading this and he’s interested on your services, what are the next steps?

If he/she feels like he needs a helping hand during his Math exam, he simply has to visit our website and send us a message using the contact form or just contact us directly at hi [at] We are abialble 24×7!

Thank you Kamil. We wish you the best teaching and cheating Math.

It’s been a pleasure guys!

This has been the interview we had with Math-Crunchers, for more information just visit

DisclosureMath-Crunchers is an independent company, Monorean does not receive any comision from Math-Crunchers or a fee from the publication of this post. Although it’s a very interesting service, Monorean does not endorse Math-Crunchers.