Cheating is for losers, they say


While cheating could be for losers, that’s the classic mentally of people who drank the Kool-Aid of “go to school, get a job and do what your boss tells you to do”. School has been designed for one-type mind and fails to draw OUT the brilliance of the student. That’s why some people come out of school thinking they are smart… and they’re not. And that’s why other people come out of school thinking they are dumb… and they’re not.

Indeed school rewards losers. School teaches you not to make mistakes, “If you make a mistake you’re stupid”, they say. But how in the world do you learn if you make no mistakes? The human mind is designed to learn through mistakes.

That’s why Monorean exists. It exists to unlock the chains of the current educational system.

Now you can understand why many people labeled “smart” at school get frustrated when they see “stupid” labeled people thriving in life.

Notice that we’re not saying you don’t have to work hard to thrive in your life, in fact you are going to need huge amounts of work. All we are saying is that there are as many ways to learn and achieve goals as there are people. Once you find your way, your path in life—not necessarily the one your teaches have for you—hard work will become something you’ll be hunger for, hunger for knowledge and even more work. Getting rid of the formal education is not necessarily for losers.