We just received the first stock


We still don’t have any order or any followers in our Tweeter account but we don’t care, we love our product and we are confidence you will love it too. We deliver the best quality even when nobody is watching.

Our little Monorean are now  waiting for you.

Even thought this words may sound naive or from a beginner, we are not. We’ve kept a secret: we are not new in the martket. We’ve been designing and manufacturing earpieces for cheating on tests for five years now from the moment we are now writing these words. We’ve been working under the name ePinganillo.com. Tony from Monorean explanis where we come from in this video:

They say it takes 20 years to be an overnight success and it was obvious a great prduct and a great brand such as Monorean couldn’t had come out of thin air.