Going to class with sad eyes?


Struggling everyday for a fight you did not pick and can’t really tell why you still keep on going to class with sad eyes? We encourage you to listen to the Rich Dad Radio Show podcast “FIND MEANING AND SUCCESS“.

Find out the risks the public school education poses to your future. Find out what you can do to avoid these risks and find success in your life.


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Not having a piece of paper with A, B or C written on it isn’t going to hold you back. I left school without qualifications, and many others have too. Forget exam results – everybody else does sooner or later!) Now is the time to do. Start thinking about what you want to achieve in life and start working towards it

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Cheating is for losers, they say


While cheating could be for losers, that’s the classic mentally of people who drank the Kool-Aid of “go to school, get a job and do what your boss tells you to do”. School has been designed for one-type mind and fails to draw OUT the brilliance of the student. That’s why some people come out of school thinking they are smart… and they’re not. And that’s why other people come out of school thinking they are dumb… and they’re not.

Indeed school rewards losers. School teaches you not to make mistakes, “If you make a mistake you’re stupid”, they say. But how in the world do you learn if you make no mistakes? The human mind is designed to learn through mistakes.

That’s why Monorean exists. It exists to unlock the chains of the current educational system.

Now you can understand why many people labeled “smart” at school get frustrated when they see “stupid” labeled people thriving in life.

Notice that we’re not saying you don’t have to work hard to thrive in your life, in fact you are going to need huge amounts of work. All we are saying is that there are as many ways to learn and achieve goals as there are people. Once you find your way, your path in life—not necessarily the one your teaches have for you—hard work will become something you’ll be hunger for, hunger for knowledge and even more work. Getting rid of the formal education is not necessarily for losers.

Classrooms have not really changed in the last 100 years


Ricky Thacker’s uniquely designed classroom is one example of what makes him such a great teacher. Last summer, he attended an education conference where a presenter displayed two photos: one of a classroom in 1915, and one from 2015.

Ricky was immediately struck that the setup of American classrooms has not really changed in the last 100 years. Most students still sit in straight rows with a teacher at the front of the class.

When he returned to Betsy Layne, he decided it was time to bring his classroom into the 21st century. He wanted to create a space that put students at the center.

Read the complete article here: http://b-gat.es/1UWzmCR

Free Your Genius


The word Education derives from the Latin word educe, which means “to draw out from within.” Then why is it that the majority of our education system is based on memorization and test taking? To empower a child the teacher should be focusing on each kids individual creative genius and draw OUT their brilliance.

That’s why memorizing is worthless.

That’s why our motto is “Free your genius“.

That’s why Monorean exists. It exists to unlock the chains of current education system.

Hate can also be a passion


In school I was an ordinary student, I admit that a bit cocky. I passed every exam without studying – or hardly studying. Everything changed when my personal interests were not aligned with what the school had planned for me. I didn’t find energy to study and teachers hate bad students, instead of helping them, they thought them to the spiral of failure. On the contrary I used to code some apps and I even created an online manufacturing community but that didn’t matter to any teacher. In some way the formal education was interrupting my real education.

Passion can also have a face of hate. I hated school and I managed to pass it cheating. Monorean is today driven by the hate remaining, hate turned into a passion. Now I love doing business, I love engineering and I love the way my team and I deliver. I know there’re a lot of capable people out there and with Monorean I’d like to give them the opportunity I had. I don’t know where I could have ended if I hadn’t had that opportunity, maybe in some kind of special education program thinking I was idiot and mentally disable.

I hope formal education doesn’t discourage you to keep on learning every day. Learning improves your life and it doesn’t happen necessarily inside a classroom. And the good news is learning can be – and should be – fun.

For me, education is antique and it’s devastated but until today it’s mandatory in some way.