Bitcoin Cash Accepted here


The world is moving forward very fast but money isn’t.

Well… that was true till 2009 when the first Bitcoin was created.

Basically what Bitcoin is, is a new private money that is reliable, nobody controls, it can’t be counterfeited, it has a limited supply, it can’t be seized and it’s very easy to transfer over the Internet without anyone being able to prevent it. You can create a Bitcoin account without any type of third party authorisation. Sounds good huh? it is liberating.

We’ve been following Bitcoin from the early days and we think it has reached a point where it is not an experiment anymore and that is why we’ve decided to take an early step. The Bitcoin world has evolved a lot since 2009 and many alternative coins have emerged to the point people now talk about cryptocurrencies instead of just Bitcoin.

Of all of the cryptocurrencies out there, there is a particular interesting one called Bitcoin Cash. It’s esentially Bitcoin but with cheap transactions and has an overwhelming infrastructure around it.

We are happy to announce you can now
pay with Bitcoin Cash at


So, how do you I start?

        To dip your toe in the water we recommend you to:
  • Download the mobile wallet available at
  • Buy your first Bitcoin Cash coins at
  • Transfer your coins from Coinbase to your mobile wallet
  • Place an order at and select Bitcoin Cash as the payment option
  • Send the coins requested to the Bitcoin Cash address shown in the website by simply scanning the QR code with your mobile wallet.


If you still have spare coins after your purchase, Hodl ’em!