The best way to cheat on a test

monkey cheating in a exam earpiece cheat spy

What an easy question, that’s why we produce wireless earpieces! –or spy earpieces as some people call them. For us, invisible earpieces are the best way to cheat on a test.

There used to be a time when cheating was only reduced to writing in a small piece of paper –cheatsheet–, taking a look at your friend’s exam or maybe some other strategy as stealing the exam from the teacher the night before the examination. Fill in the blank here with any fantasy you had while studying the night before the exam.

But those times are gone now we have technology. Monorean is a device specifically designed for exams. It’s beyond what you could dream of 10 years ago.

Actually using an earpiece is far more secure than using a paper cheatsheet since the earpiece, at least Monorean, once installed is imposible to see by a human eye. And let’s be honest, who actually passed any exam relying only on cheatsheets? Cheatsheets are a primitive technique that can, at most, help you memorice what you already know. Using an earpiece for your exams is simply being directly connected with your best friend, it’s just like solving an exam as if you where at home in front of your computer. We can’t think of a better way to cheating on a test.

We’ve seen many exams passed thanks to Monorean, we have even experienced that in our own skin, the feeling of relief when you know you passed the exam in which you used a spy earpiece.

In short, invisible earpieces are by far the best technique to cheat in exams.